College Students are invited to share a common faith community based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and will have, as a center for gathering, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Student Center located at 6051 Old Shell Rd. They will build community and through worship of Jesus Christ in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, personal prayer and devotion, catechetical teaching from the Chaplain of the community, and participation in community activities, the members will deepen their own identity in faith and strive to mature as human beings allowing the grace of God to perfect their human nature. Through the fostering of friendship, they will extend the Christian spirit into the life of the University of South Alabama by sharing the joy of Christ in their hearts and living a life of faith and virtue. Student members will also actively seek to discern their vocation in life through worship, prayer, and spiritual guidance offered by the Chaplain.

Constitution of the University of South Alabama Catholic Student Association