Welcome to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Student Association! In order to become a member, please fill out this form which will allow us to add you to our list, inform you about our activities and events and help us get you set with your access code to our Student Ceter. Every college student willing to become a member of the CSA is required to fill out the registration form and
provide necessary information together with emergency contacts. All your information is secure and will not be used or shared outside our ministry. To complete the process of registration you will need to meet with Fr. Norbert Jurek – our chaplain – and receive the Constitution of our Association and the policy of our Student Center. Only after receiving the above, you will become the member of the CSA. We would like you to use our Center not only during regular hours when it is open to public, but at any time so we made it accessible 24/7. During your meeting with Fr. Norbert, you will receive your personal access code (PAC) to our Center so you can use it every time you want to come in.

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